Raga Unveiled - DVD: The History and Essence of North Indian Classical Music

  • Raga Unveiled DVD
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Directed by Gita Desai

From the makers of Yoga Unveiled comes a visually beautiful documentary that celebrates the artistry and origins of North Indian classical music.

  • 2 DVD Set ,Running Time 4hr 20mins
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India is home to a form of classical music that has been refined and perfected for over 4000 years. With the even flow of evolution and the unshakeable support of theory, raga music is at once vibrant, mesmeric and sublime. At its core is an ambition to profoundly change the performer and the listener at the deepest level.

For the first time on film, eloquent commentaries by musicians, Vedic scholars, and musicologists join hands with spectacular cinematography, intoxicating melodies, and rare archival footage to honor India’s legacy of music & sound in its entirety.

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