The Practice of Meditation

  • The Practice of Meditation
by Swami Ritajananda
translated by John Phillips from the French

An accessible introduction to the practice of meditation by a senior monk of the Ramakrishna order.

  • 110 pages, Indian paperback
  • 81-7120-757-X
Meditation is central to all spiritual life, whatever the religion one follows. Swami Ritajananda, who had wide experience with spiritual seekers both in India and abroad, has very clearly set forth the principles and practice of meditation. The part played by the guru and the mantra are lucidly set forth. Quotations are also given from the Scriptures to explain the various factors involved in meditation.

Selections from the Table of Contents:

What Is Meditation. 
The Value of Meditation, 
Preparation of Meditation, 
Different Meditation Techniques, 
Importance of Mastering Prana, 
Asanas and Pranayama, 
The Part Played by the Guru, 
The Part Played by the Mantra and Japa

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