Plays and Poems

  • Plays and Poems
by Swami Sastrananda

A collection of religious dramas and plays originally performed by students in India.

  • 361 pages, paperback
This collection of "Plays and Poems" came into being to meet a need for dramatic plays for children and youth in India. The author, Swami Sastrananda, was an amateur enthusiast with no pretensions for being either a poet or playwright. But circumstances placed him in a position where such writing of plays became very crucial. Though earlier he was pushed into it, very soon he felt very much at home with the adventure and actually began to relish and enjoy the work!

Surprisingly, the results went beyond all expectations. They had a strange attraction and even significant value to a large number of witnessing audience. Now, almost 30 years later, we only have 10 copies left in stock of this book of  plays with no immediate prospect of reprinting. We look forward to selling these books to those who can most appreciate the content.
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