Perennial Philosophy, The

  • Perennial Philosophy, The
By Aldous Huxley
  • 312 pages US paperback
Famed English author of Brave New World and other classics turns his attention to the common elements of mystical religion.

"It is important to say that even an agnostic...can read the books with joy. It is the masterpiece of all anthologies. As Mr. Huxley has proved before, he can find and frame rare beauty in literature, and here,long before Freud, writers are quoted who combine beauty with proud psychology." - New York Times

"Mr. Huxley writes as well as ever, occasionally with brilliance and wit, but now and then, in his absorption and other-worldliness, he soars clear out of sight." - The New Yorker

"I am amazed at the range of the author's knowledge....It is both an anthology and an interpretation of the supreme mystics, East and West.There are well-known books on Western mysticism. There are studies of Oriental and Muslim mysticism, but this is the first time that anybody has adequately covered the entire field and showed an equal familiarity with all fields. It is a magnificent achievement." -- Rufus M. Jones (noted philosopher, Quaker historian and prolific author)
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