My Blessed Days With Holy Mother

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  • My Blessed Days With Holy Mother
by Swami Ishanananda

Reminiscences of Holy Mother, Sri Sarada Devi by her disciple and attendant.

  • 216 pages, Indian paperback
  • 81-7505-472-7
Swami Ishanananda had the blessed privilege of serving Holy Mother, Sri Sarada Devi since his boyhood. He was initiated by the Mother at a very young age and later received brahmacharya diksha from her. He served Mother from 1909 until the end of her life in 1920. Translated from the Bengali original, Matrisannidhye. The author describes many events from this period of Mother's life in vivid detail. His personal account is like visiting Holy Mother.

"Mother, I had the rare opportunity to be in your holy presence for eleven years! Today, as I reach the sunset of my life, I am offering at your lotus feet a few of your holy memories. By going through these pages, may men and women endowed with faith attain the peace and divine bliss of your serene presence."--Swami Ishanananda
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Review By Nithia M.P. Peter

My Blessed Days with Holy Mother

- I needed these books as companions as I was grieving the loss of a guardian figure. I bought a copy of this book, for that reason. And I wanted to be enswirled in every day details of divine consciousness, that sparkles through Holy Mother's life and utterances. Her love for these young acolytes, sons who she developed like daughters to care for her - and support the life of a woman mystic, entranced in God Consciousness.

Highly recommended, meditative read - take your time, still your life, to absorb the extraordinary utterances and moments of what might appear mundane and humdrum.

Review By michael mccarthy

my blessed days with holy mother