Kena Upanishad - Three Translations

  • Kena Upanishad - Three Translations
translated by Swami Gambhirananda
or Swami Sarvananda
or Swami Vedananda

Three translations with notes of this short, but significant upanishad.

  • Swami Gambhirananda: 64 pages, Indian paperback 81-7505-0683
  • Swami Sarvananda: 44 pages, Indian paperback 81-7120-009-5
    Swami Vedananda: 84 pages , Indian paperback
This text, in the form of a dialogue, explains how one can arrive at the Atman through the analysis of perception. The principles explained are then described in an allegorical form. The final part explains the subjective and objective ways of meditation on Brahman, and the results of such a meditation.

The Gambhirananda translation includes the original Devanagari text and English translations of the text and Shankara's commentary. The Sarvananda translation includes original Devanagari text, Roman transliteration, literal word by word translation, English rendering of each stanza, and notes. The Vedananda translation includes the Devanagari script, English translation, and commentary.
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