Katha UpanisadWith the commentary of Sankaracarya

Katha Upanisad:With the commentary of Sankaracarya

translated by Swami Gambhirananda
or Swami Lokeswarananda
or Swami Sarvananda
The major and most popular scripture of the Upanishads
  • Swami Gambhirananda: 142 pages, Indian paperback 81-85301-33-6
  • Swami Lokeswarananda: 186 pages, Indian paperback 81-8584358-9
    Swami Sarvananda: 140 pages, Indian paperback 81-7120-500-3

$3.95 to $8.95

The scripture concerns the story of a young man who goes to the house of death to find out what happens after death.The reply describes the nature of reality and the meaning of life. This scripture is one of the most popular Upanishads.

Each book contains the Devanagri text with translation into English. (The Lokeswarananda and Sarvananda editions also include a transliteration of the Devanagri text into Roman characters.) Explanatory footnotes added when necessary.

 We especially recommend the Sw. Prabhavananda translation of this scripture as found in Upanishads: Breath of the Eternal.

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