Jaina Philosphy and Religion (translation of the Jaina Darsana

  • Jaina Philosphy and Religion (translation of the <I>Jaina Darsana</I>
by Muni Shri Nvayavijayaji
translated by Nagin J. Shah
  • 495 pages, Indian paperback
  • (Retail Only)
Jain philosophy teaches respect for all forms of life, from the smallest ant to the largest elephant.

This major work deals with all the main topics of Jaina meta-physics, ethics, epistemology and logic. Included is the Jaina code of conduct for both monks and laymen, the six obligatory duties, and a discussion of what is to be eaten or avoided.

Main Chapter Headings
Essentials of Jaina Philosophy
Jaina Path of Purification
Reflections of Some Problems of Metaphysics, Ethics, and Spiritual Development
The Law of Moral Causation (karma)
Jaina Logic
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