Islam: What Non-Muslims Should Know

  • Islam: What Non-Muslims Should Know
By John Kaltner
  • 136 pages US paperback
  • (retail only)
This is a book written post 9/11 for many of us who wander what's going on with Islam and its apparent ties to terrorism. 

The book is not about mysticism in Islam, but about the basic structure and beliefs of Islam. It is a well-written and sympathetic book we probably should all read if we want to understand the role of Islam today. 

The author presents Islam as first and foremost a religion of prescribed practices—the five pillars of Islam. The author shows the deep humanism of Islam and its most cherished commitments. He also counters frequent misconceptions by pointing out: 

1. Islam is a diverse and complex religion.
2. Islam is a religion of orthodoxy.
(correctness or orthodoxy of action or practice).
3. Muslims respect Judaism and Christianity.
4. There is no separation of religion and politics.
5. There is no institutional hierarchy.
6. Jihad does not mean "holy war."

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