How to Shape the Personality

  • How to Shape the Personality
A Vedanta Kesari Presentation

A collection of essays concerning personality development.

  • 352 pages, Indian paperback
  • 978-81-7823-550-9
Men, men, these are wanted; everything else will be ready. These words of Swami Vivekananda express succinctly his idea that the key to all progress and development is personality development, that is the creation of men and women full of all noble virtues such as sincerity, unselfishness and purity of heart.

There are, however, various methods and ways in which the concept and practice of personality development can be applied to life. The Vedanta Kasari, an English language monthly published by Sri Ramakrishna Math, brought out a special edition in 2009 consolidating all the current ideas on this subject.

All lay and monastic contributors, which include Swami Vivekananda, have been actively involved in teaching and implementing different aspects of Personality Development.

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