Hinduism and Christianity: Jesus Christ and His Teachings in the Light of Vedanta

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  • Hinduism and Christianity
by Swami Satprakashananda

A look at the common points of the two religions.

  • 196 pages, Indian paperback
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An exploration of the similarities of Christianity and Hinduism. Includes numerous quotations from the Bible and the Bhagavad Gita that will produce new insight for Christians and Hindus alike.

The book shows that neither religion has an exclusive on the basic truths of spirituality.

A new printing of an old classic.


From the Table of Contents:

The Kingdom of God Is Within You
Resist Not Evil
The Divine Law of Karma
Divine Grace
Ye Must Be Born Again
Worshiping in Spirit and Truth
Ye Shall Know the Truth
Crucifixion and Death
Resurrection and Everlasting Life

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Review By Donald Zanghi

Hinduism and Christianity

There are many books on this subject but this one is the best I have seen. Well written and to the point. Highly recommended.