Ganges Water plus 1008 Tirthas in One

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  • Ganges Water

Ganges river water is revered by Hindus for its holy properties. The water is gathered from Sridhama Mayapur, birthplace of Krishna.

  • 375 ml (almost 13 ounces) in a blue bottle
    Imported from India

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Ganges river water is revered by Hindus for its holy properties. The water is gathered from Sridhama Mayapur, birthplace of Krishna. The water has not been treated or filtered.

In addition, small amounts of water have been added that are from 1008 sacred holy places in India. The water is in a high quality transparent blue plastic bottle, 100% leak proof, unbreakable, 375 ml.

Although the water is considered pure, we do not attest to its safety for drinking. Please boil and add chlorine if you want to drink the holy water.

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Review By John Nowak

Blessed Water

Thank You for such a blessing with water from Mother Ganga!I LOVE IT!!!Thank YOU Thank YOU!

Review By Niladri Bhowmik

Excellent product and service

Thank you for providing such a beautiful and prompt service! Wee got the holy Ganges water in time and in good packaging! On and off we always rely on this Ganga job/water for almost a decade required for our Durga Puja!

Thank you for this immense service!

Review By Zoe Inman

water is beautiful

bottle does what it is supposed to do, &&& it doesn't hold the dignity of the water well. perhaps this is a spoiled westerner view! we are blessed to even have access to it! but/& keep in mind it doesn't travel well--so get a nice bottle & transfer it!
easy solution!

Review By JD1008

Ganga Water

Ganga Water is a purifier. It removes evil karma off of the people
who bathe in the Ganges River.
Since I am not in India, I use only a few drops on my head to get
some benefit from it.
I also sprinkle it on my Shri Ganesha statue.

In the shower, I say the following mantra while shower water is pouring
on my head:
Gange' Cha Yamune' Chaiva
Godavari Sarswati Narmade'
Sindhu Kaveri Jaleshmin.
Shantih Shantih Shantihi

Re: the order: It arrived swiftly and very nicely packed
and there was no damage done to the box nor the contents.

Review By Jose Bedolla


I feel a blessing to have it

Review By Dennis Gress

Great Product great to have sacred water...nothing better...HARI KRSNA!!!...

Review By Stefanie Schumacher

Pleasure to do business with.

Greetings! I have purchased from your company several times and it's always a very smooth transaction. The orders are processed very quickly and your pricing is very fair. I look forward to more purchases from you in the future.
Thank you!
Hare Krsna!
Shanti Keshavi devi dasi (Stefanie Schumacher)

Review By A unique combination

A unique combination

There are various Ganges Water packages available in the market. The unique aspect of this is the fact it is combined with water with 1008 Tirthas/Pilgrimage sites. That along with the trust of buying it from Vedanta Catalog helps a lot.