From Darkness to Light - Selected Writings from Prabuddha Bharata

  • From Darkness to Light - Selected Writings from Prabuddha Bharata
by the Editors of Prabuddha Bharata

A compilation of articles published by Prabuddha Bharata during the last 125 years.

  • Volume 1: 500 pages, Indian hardback
    Volume 2: 456 pages, Indian hardback
    2 Volume Set: 956 pages, Indian hardbacks

  • ISBN Volume 1: 978-81-7505-513-1
    ISBN Volume 2: 978-81-7505-514-8
Prabuddha Bharata has for over 125 years, been the English language monthly journal of the Ramakrishna Order. Founded by Swami Vivekananda in 1896, the journal features articles and translations on religious, psychological, historical, and cultural themes, and continues to serve devotees from around the world.

This two-volume compilation commemorates the 125th Anniversary of the founding of Prabuddha Bharata. It is a collection of the magazine's best and most important articles.

Volume I consists of 4 parts:
Part 1 consists of articles written by the spiritual giants, the direct disciples of Sri Ramakrishna.
Part 2 contains articles written by the disciples of the direct disciples.
Part 3 has articles written by well-known Indian nationalistic leaders.
Part 4 has writings by prominent personalities of national and international fame.

Volume II is a collection of of Prabuddha Bharata editorials over the years. These editorials speak directly to the spiritual issues of the immediate era and beyond.

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