Enter the Dream Time CD

  • Enter the Dream Time  CD
Co-produced by Michael Fitpatrick and Kurt Lundvall
  • US audio CD
  • (retail only)

Master cello player and friend of the Vedanta Society, Michael Fitzpatrick's soul-stirring music is worth hearing. The YouTube video below will introduce you to him and his playing. Now on sale for close-out.

From the Album Cover:
One single Tone
Sounding from Every Possible Angle
Forms the Music of the World.

The Musician's Role
Is to Translate that Sound into Love
Sing if from the Heart
And Offer it back to the World
Humanity Wo/man, Musician

Music Offering
1. Dawn of the Millenium
2. Rachmaninoff
3. Pie Jesu
4. Menotti
5. Ave Maria
6. Ravel
7. Kol Nidrei
8. Brahms
9. Pavane
10. Shostakovich
11. Angel Uprising
12. The Overthrow of 17 Saints
13. Shining Like the Sun
14. Requiebros

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