• Children of Immortal Bliss
by Paul Hourihan
edited by Anna Hourihan

A splendid introduction to Vedanta for the general reader.

  • 195 pages, US paperback
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More than ever before, we in the West are discovering the value and practicality of the teachings of the East. In Children of Immortal Bliss Paul Hourihan, who was a long-time American student of Vedanta, presents the venerable Indian teachings of Vedanta with illustrations and examples that make sense of them to Westerners in particular. In his own inimitable way, he shows how the profound, yet practical, teachings of Vedanta, one of the main schools of thought in Hinduism, give meaning and understanding to our lives.

I gladly recommend Children of Immortal Bliss for general Western readers looking for spiritually uplifting and emotionally fulfilling ideas of basic spiritual life.--Swami Tathagatananda

Paul Hourihan is the author of : Ramakrishna and Christ: The Supermystics.

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Review By Asim

Children of Immortal Bliss

This book simply and concisely helps the truth seeker to grasp & better understand the tradition of Vedanta. The book proved to be a turning point for me- to realize that I could be one of the many (in a long line of) "failed mystics", and that I required the help of a true, proven Guru to guide me to the Supreme Goal. May the book have the same effect on others... OM.