Beyond Space and Time

  • Beyond Space and Time
by John Dobson and Dr. Ruth Ballard

Here is a book that presents a totally different from what you may have read about the cosmos and how we perceive the universe.

  • 221 pages US paperback

Here is an amazing book that presents a view of the universe that is  totally different from what you may have read  or heard about the cosmos. 

The authors are Vedanta devotees with experience in Vedanta. Contrast this with the fact that most astronomers and physicists are products of the Judaic-Christian tradition. Schooled in the concept that we are separate from everyone and everything, they would be unable to make the conclusions and observations that John does concerning our universe. 

John Dobson was a monk at our center in San Francisco for many years, but in a twist of fate, he left the quiet of a monastery to tour the world and become known as the barker of the stars. He was featured in the PBS documentary The Astronomers and in,” Smithsonian” Magazine, and The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, himself an avid astronomer. Dobson’s views of the universe are unorthodox, but interesting with some amazing tie-ins to Vedanta. We learn about how we’re genetically programmed to see the unreal for the real. From the non-dualist view, we learn that we live in an apparitional universe.

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