Aspects of Vedanta

  • Aspects of Vedanta
(anthology) Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture

A collection of essays culled from the pages of The Cultural Heritage of India.

  • 414 pages, Indian paperback
  • 81-85434-72-7

This is a collection of articles selected from the multi-volume set The Cultural Heritage of India. The series is an eight-volume, nine-book colossus of 7896 pages. The series is described as a massive collection of the wisdom of India, gathered under the guidance of the Ramakrishna Institute of Culture to promote the study, interpretation, and dissemination of the cultural heritage of India.

A need was felt to bring out a smaller summation of the series which is the book we present here.

Selection from the Table of Contents:
Philosophy of the Advaita
The Philosophy of Sankara
Post-Sankara Advaita
Philosophy of the Bhagavata
The Visistadvaita of Ramanuja
Madhava's Brahma-Mimasa
The Nimbarka School of Vedanta
Bhedabheda School of Vedanta
Acintya-Bhedabhda School
Buddhism in Relation to Vedanta
Buddhism in Ancient Life and Thought

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