Advaita Makarananda (The Nectar of Non-duality of Sri Laksmidhara Kavi

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  • Advaita Makaranda
by Swami Atmarupananda

A new translation and commentary of this relatively unknown, but important, text.

  • 108 pages, Indian paperback
  • 71-7505-473-5
Here we have a unique small scripture. The essence of the book is only 26 verses that focus not on philosophy, but points to our present experience as an ordinary soul  and shows how the highest truth is revealed even there, if only we look.  We are told not to seek God but see God.

Nondual Vedanta often seems divorced from everyday experience -- an elegant philosophy, no doubt, and perhaps ultimately true, but too abstract to be useful. However, if the nondual message is true that we are indeed pure consciousness itself, the one reality, then it should be evident even now. The text demonstrates that yes, the nondual truth is revealed here and now, even in our ordinary experience. The commentary expands on the meaning of the verses to make it approachable and practicable.

The translation and commentary is in very readable English since the writer is an American swami, currently at the Vedanta Society of Houston, TX.
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Review By Brad Stephan

Paramahansa Mosai

I learned many first-hand facts about the life and teachings of Sri Ramakrishna in this wonderful little book - including that 'Paramahansa Mosai' was how he was commonly referred to by his Calcutta devotees.

Review By Shelley Brown

Advaita Makarananda

Swami Atmarupananda's thoughtful introduction and commentary of this little known treasure of Advaita Vedanta brings out its essential wisdom. I found much to ponder in this beautifully written little book.

Review By Shelley Brown

A new treasure

Swami Atmarupananda’s translation and thoughtful commentary on this overlooked treasure of Advaita Vedanta brings a new dimension to our perception of various states of consciousness, and of “the sky of consciousness”—the Self. From the commentary: “I am, always I shine. I know myself as awareness, the awareness that never sleeps . . . the awareness that knows that everything other than consciousness itself is temporary.” Beautifully written in an engaging style.

Review By Shelley Brown

Advaita Makarananda

Swami Atmarupananda's writing is impeccable, and his commentary is both readable and illuminating. Described in the introduction as "an overlooked diamond," this book will be a treasured by readers interested in Advaita Vedanta.