Swami Vivekananda Tells Stories

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  • Swami Vivekananda Tells Stories

by Swami Vivekananda
Compiled and edited by Swami Atmashraddhananda

A collection of stories that Sw. Vivekananda would tell to illustrate the point of his teachings.

  • 224 pages Indian paperback
  • 81-7505-397-6

One of the ways that Sw. Vivekananda held his audience's attention was to tell stories that illustrated his points about Vedanta.

Here is a collection of these stories, 106 in all.

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Review By saiasha

Stories by Swami viveknanda

Beautiful stories with deep moral message behind each story..
If you dig into the hidden message in each story you will get much more than just enjoy the story. If you can live even a few
messages out of the book it is worth it all. Great people give so much in so few words.