Swami Vijnanananda: Life and Teachings

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  • Swami Vijnanananda: Life and Teachings
by Swami Vishwasrayananda
translated from the Bengali by Devavrata Basu Roy

The life and teachings of Swami Vijnanananda, a disciple of Sri Ramakrishna and 4th president of the Ramakrishna Order

  • 75 pages, Indian paperback
  • 81-7120-722-1
Swami Vijnanananda, a direct disciple of Sri Ramakrishna, was a source of inspiration to all devotees of the Ramakrishna Movement. He was regarded as a shining example of how Jnana, Dhyana, Karma, and Bhakti can be harmoniously blended in the lover of God. This book gives a comprehensive account of his life and teachings.

The fourth President of the Ramakrishna Order, Swami Vijnanananda was professionally trained as an engineer and supervised the building of the temple of Sri Ramakrishna at the headquarters of the organization, Belur Math.
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Review By Ramakrishnanandan

M’s past times are nectar also

Wonderful set. Reading M’s daily past times after Master’s passing gives encouragement and a shining example of living as householder/renunciate. I passed my set on and missed them so much I reordered to find they are not available until new stock from India in a few months.

Not ideal shape as is case (and always noted) with Indian publisher but the pristine spiritual blessings received far outweigh material lack.