Shakti: An Exploration of the Divine Feminine

  • Shakti: An Explorarion of the Divine Femine
by Nilima Chitgopekar

An incredible, large coffee table book fully illustrated in color on the Divine Feminine found in Hinduism.

  • 392 pages, large coffee-table book, 9.5x11x1 inches
  • (retail only)
She is benevolent and nurturing, yet fierce and terrible, a warrior and a lover. She creates and gives life, is death personified, and the one who grants eternal salvation. She is the ultimate form of reality, the cosmos. The Goddess inspires deep devotion and it is not surprising to see Her being worshipped and revered across homes in India. Shakti delves into this rich tradition of the Divine Feminine as as She is represented across India and the subcontinent.

In Shakti, encounter the Goddess in all Her glory and numerous forms. Dive deep into Her fascinating mythology and rituals. Unravel the philosophy behind Her worship and Her adaptation within many belief systems. From the origins of the Goddess in the ancient civilization of Harappa to Her evolution and changed character in contemporary times, Shakti tells the complete story of the Goddess in a linear fashion. During the course of its narrative, it brings together the diverse threads from different cultures, regions, and traditions to create a wonderful web within which the Goddess can be perceived and understood.

Title will be available to ship around February 28th.
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