Ramakrishna: A Biography in Pictures

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  • Ramakrishna: A Biography in Pictures
by the staff of Advaita Ashrama

A collection of all the known photographs of Ramakrishna, with pictures of where he lived and the people he knew.

  • 110 pages, large Indian hardback
  • 978-81-7505-131-7
A collection of all the known photographs of Ramakrishna together with pictures of where he lived and the people he knew. The book gives a good idea of the era and environment in which Sri Ramakrishna moved.
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Review By Luiz Ribenboim

Pictorial biography of Sri Ramakrishna

Excelent book. The pictures along with narrative took me back to many scenes that compose the life of Sri Ramakrishna. Very inspiring.

Review By Meow

Sri Ramakrishna a biography in pictures

If you are a regular reader of the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna, this handsome pictorial biography has a place in your collection. Most of the pictures are of late 19th century Calcutta, the buildings, the places, the religious objects and the devotees who were part of the Master's life. While other books may also have photos of the apostles of Sri Ramakrishna, pictures of the householders and pundits are harder to find. To name only a few, Balaram Bose, Mahendra Nath Gupta ("M"), Debendranath Tagore, Keshab Chandra Sen, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar and some of the lady devotees are in this book. The text supports the pictures and frequently quotes Sri Ramakrishna. The 9 x 11 inch size, glossy paper, durable binding and plastic book cover make this book a remarkable value.

Review By Peter Taverna

Ramakrishna A Biography in Pictures

This book I had many years ago but lost through life's ups & downs. I am so pleased to have it again as it has the vibrations of the Master & is a wonderful link to the example of his perfect life!