Ramakrishna the Great Master - original edition

Ramakrishna the Great Master - original edition

written by Swami Saradananda
translated by Swami Jagadananda

The original exhaustive biography of Sri Ramakrishna.
  • 1376 pages, large Indian hardback
  • 978-81-7823-483-0


This book is the original edition of Ramakrishna the Great Master as translated by Swami Jagadananda and published in 1952. The previous 2-volume edition is out of print.

We also sell an American edition titled Ramakrishna and His Divine Play that is in better English.  Swami Chetanananda translated the original Bengali into English.

If you are interested in the teachings of Ramakrishna, either version is must reading.



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Ramakrishna the Great Master - original edition 4.0 Sri Ramakrishna The Great Master By Daniel Nikolay I had read the two volume set and am happy a new one volume book was available. It never gets old, I enjoy it more than the newer version by Swami Chetanananda but both are amazing.
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