• Primer of Hinduism
by D.S. Sharma

A strong introduction to Hinduism, written as a dialogue between a father and his daughter.

  • 170 pages, Indian paperback
  • 81-7120-444-9
Presented as a dialogue between a father and his daughter, this is a marvelous introduction to Hinduism. As the oldest of the world's religions, and being the end product of a long process of the interactions of various cultures, creeds and cults, Hinduism is not easily presented in either summary or detailed form. Professor Sharma has given us a readable and interesting presentation of the fundamental doctrines of Hindu religion and philosophy, thus giving a strong foundation for further study.

In this new edition, the publisher has added an Introduction, a general article of Hinduism, and, as an Appendix, a representative selection of passages from the Hindu scriptures.

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Review By Jaideva Goswami


I have ordered a few times from Vedanta Press in California and found them very efficient in handling the orders. Books arrived on time. As far as price is concerned, these are priceless books. But to take care of the expenses, the amount is reasonable.