The Illustrated Mahabharata

  • The Illustrated Mahabharata

A beautiful coffee-table book on the great epic, the Mahabharata - the definitive guide to India's greatest epic.

  • 512 pages, Large deluxe volume, 10x12x1.5 inches in size
  • (retail only)
Take a fresh look at India's great epic and rediscover the lost kingdoms, dynasties, and characters of the Mahabharata, accompanied by beautiful images and discussion points. The book itself is a work of art.

Often described as the longest poem ever written, the Mahabharata is one of two Sanskrit epics of ancient India. Its stories resonate with us even today through its themes of conflict and dilemmas and have been drawn on for inspiration in film, theater, and art.

The Illustrated Mahabharata follows the tale as it unfolds through 18 episodes, or parvas, alongside stunning photographs, paintings, sculptures, and historical artifacts. Discover the principal characters of the Mahabharata and their family trees, and understand key moments - from the birth of Pandavas and Kauravas to the death of the elders.

Book includes over 500 images - paintings, photographs and sculptures
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