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The original painting is displayed in the Old Temple of the Vedanta Society of No. Calif showing Christ as a yogi.

The original painting is displayed in the Old Temple of the Vedanta Society of No. Calif.

The story goes that Sw. Trigunatita had a dream or vision of Jesus Christ and asked one of his disciples to paint it according to the scene he remembered. The result is a classic painting of value not only to those who see a synthesis of spirit with Christ and the East, but to the Christian community as a whole.

The 4x5 photo is actually 4x6 inches in size.

The Christ the Yogi print is our most popular photo and was named by a Christian group as the classic view of Christ for the 20th century..

Note the new option for an oval photograph.
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Review By John Turnbull

Christ the Yogi photo

Very lovely, richly coloured photo of this painting. Arrived speedily in UK, well packaged and in very good shape. Thank you.



I saw this as a magnet and I wanted it as a print. Found it and I had it framed. Beautiful colors. It depicts what I think he was.

Review By gregory Dalton

Great Painting

This picture will make a great addition to any collection.

Review By Donald Tuskey

Beautiful Photographs

I purchased this photograph in two different sizes.
As a meditator I love this particular aspect of
Jesus as a meditator. The quality is excellent
and they were carefully packed to
ensure they were protected in the mail.

Review By Clayton McCuin

Very fast

I purchased a Christ the Yogi photo from them. It arrived sooner than I expected and it was a beautiful print. I would love to visit this center someday!

Review By Laurel Robinson

Christ The Yogi

This is my favorite picture of Jesus. It had been very difficult for me to find a copy. It is framed in a beautiful frame, and I feel joy every day when I see it.