Chandramani Devi: Sri Ramakrishna's Mother

  • Chandramani Devi: Sri Ramakrishna's Mother
by Pravrajika Prabuddhaprana

A biography of Sri Ramakrishna's mother.

  • 121 pages, Indian paperback
  • (retail only)

The mother of an incarnation of God is no ordinary mother. Besides, who knew Ramakrishna longer and more intimately than Chandra Devi? She watched him grow up as a child, worried about his health and mental stability while he did intense sadhana, and lived with him for the last years of her life.

She was quite a remarkable woman who lived a difficult life yet being the mother of an incarnation had its own rewards.

Includes many color pictures of the people and places associated with Chandramani Devi and Ramakrishna.

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