Bhagavad Gita by Radhakrishnan

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  • Bhagavad Gita by Radhakrishnan
by S. Radhakrishnan

Highly regarded English translation with introductory essay, and transliterated Sanskrit text, and explanatory notes. New 2009 printing.

  • 461 pages, Indian paperback
  • 978-81-7223-898-8 (retail only)

Highly regarded English translation with introductory essay, and transliterated Sanskrit text, and explanatory notes. New 2009 printing.

Written by one of India's most prominent authors and philosophers. The author was president of India from 1961-1967.

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Review By Patni Raju

Best Commentary

One of the best commentary from a great philosopher. The introductory essay truly helps to understand beyond dogma.

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"Bhagavad Gita by Radhakrishnan

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Bhakta Devendra

It is most misleading commentary on BHAGVAD-GITA. Dr.Radhakrishnan has no authority to say anything about BHAGVAD-GITA because he does not belong to any one of the most authoritative sampradayas namely: Gaudiya vaisnav sampradaya, Kumar sampradaya, Shri sampradaya, rudra sampradaya. Caitanya Mahaprabhu says " Mayavadi bhasya sunile hoya sarvanas" means one who hears from a mayavadi he is doomed. He wrote his own mentally concocted ideas in this commentary. KRISHNA SAYS IN BHAGVAD-GITA" ONLY DEVOTEES CAN UNDERSTAND ME AND HE MANIFESTS HIMSELF INFRONT OF HIS DEVOTEES ONLY NOT FOR THE RASCALS LIKE ALL UNSCRUPULOUS COMMENTATOR"

Review By Radhika Sekar

Bhagavad Gita--S Radhakrishnan

I am truly glad and grateful that this book by S Radhakrishnana is being re-published. It is the best interpretation of this timeless scripture ever --scholarly and non sectarian. I reccomend it to all students of philosophy and religious studies.

Review By Bhakta Roy

Inaccurate commentary

Bhagavad Gita is an amazing literature, but unfortunately the commentary in this rendition changes the words of Krishna and interprets according to Dr. RadhaKrishnan's own impersonal ideas and mental speculation. In 18.66 Krishna says, "surrender unto Me". "Aham" in Sanskrit is "Me", first person singular. But Dr. RadhaKrishnan changes that to surrender to the unborn withing Krishna. Krishna is God, fully spiritual unlike us who have soul encaged in a material form/body.

Review By bhattathiri mulavana

Bhagavad Gita

One of the greatest contributions of India to the world is Holy Gita which is considered to be one of the first revelations from God. The spiritual philosophy and management lessons in this holy book were brought in to light of the world by many great Indian saintsí effort and they call the Bhagavad-Gita the essence of Vedic Literature and a complete guide to practical life. It provides "all that is needed to raise the consciousness of man to the highest possible level" and Self improvement which means self guided improvement in physical, mental, social, spiritual and emotion. Energy exists in all human beings to fulfil the purpose of the aim of the life.

Review By Daniel

Thank you

The introductory Essay helped me a lot to understand the Bhagavadgita. The more I read it, the more I wanted to read it. Easy to read for someone that English is not his first language. It is a gift of God which I appreciate a lot. It is priceless. It will help me to stay on the good path.

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The Bhagavad Gita

This is in my mind the best edition of the Gita, although there are many good ones; however, Dr. Radhakrishnan in this and all of his works brings extremely deep knowledge to his discussion of the text (see his Upanishads as well). This work requires a genius for its "explanation," and Dr. Radhakrishnan is well-suited to the task. One caveat; the book is printed in India and will yellow in weeks. CHEAP printing; great great book.