Awakening of the Kundalini -1943 MP3

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  • Awakening of the Kundalini -1943 MP3
by Swami Prabhavananda

A passionate and energetic talk about our real nature, and the role of the kundalini.

This talk is from a 1943 acetate recording, and according to our database, the only time he gave this talk. The quality is OK, that is, he can be understood, but you have to pay attention.


  • 51 minutes

A close look at spiritual life and the role of the kundalini energy.

This talk was recorded in 1943. Voice has slight distortion, and there are stray noises, but voice is clear.

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Review By Janet Lindgren

Audio quality poor

I was truly looking forward to hearing this satsang, but the audio quality is very poor making it impossible to understand what he is saying through most of the satsang. And if wearing earbuds it is very uncomfortable. Disappointed.