Art of Meditation

Art of Meditation

compiled by Swami Srikantananda
A collection of introductory short essays, sayings and prayers on meditation.
  • 116 pages, small Indian paperback
  • 978-93-83142-729

This a collection of introductory short essays and sayings on the fascinating and important practice of meditation by Sri Ramakrishna and his disciples.
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Art of Meditation 5.0 The Art of Meditation By The Art of Meditation This is one of the most inspired and insightful books on meditation I have ever read (among many). Particularly potent are the chapters by Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda. This is a book of beauty and power. The variety of voices not only offer different perspectives but also blend to inspire and shed light on meditation.
Art of Meditation 5.0 The Art of Meditation! By Ruzanna Purchased a copy at the book store at The Vedanta Society in Hollywood California; along with many other books.
I was unable to keep my mind focused on meditation due to stress, life and mixed feelings. So, I picked up a copy of this perfect little book. The information and description as stated inside gives you a perfect glimpse of the key requirements to refocus the mind also gives you the strength and reassurance of the art of becoming conscious of consciousness itself!
Great read!
Must Have!
With all my Love!
Ruzanna P.
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