Sree Nature 22904 Wool Shawls

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  • Sree Nature 22904 Wool Shawls

An assortment of fine quality wool shawls in shades of brown.

  • Approximately 100 inches x 50 inches (8 feet by 4 feet)wool shawl
    Made in India

  • (retail only)

Fine quality wool shawls, all variations of light brown. Yeah, they're almost alike in the pictures.

light brown wool shawl    

In order of appearance, left to right:
1) light brown
2) light brown with a touch of red
3) light brown with wide dark brown band

The shawls are approximately 50 inches x 100 inches (8 feet x 4 feet) suitable to cover the body while meditating. You can see from the dimensions that the shawls are plenty large. Limited stock of the different colors. Give in final comments an alternate color choice..

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Review By Jerry Kinebrew

Love it

When it comes to purchasing quality items, I trust Vedanta. The natural wool shawls very good quality.

Review By John M

Very satisfied

After spending time using this shawl every day for meditation, it has become an indispensable companion. I appreciate the quality of the materials, consistent construction of the pattern, and the warmth it provides in the cold mornings. It is surely large enough to cover any size of person I think.

Review By Joel Baca

Nice indoor meditation shawl

Nice shawl fine on a cooler Southern California morning. The color is a soft orange and has no brown overtones. The embroidery is nice and understated. The material seems to have a slight sheen so I doubt it's all wool. In the end a nice shawl but don't depend on it to keep you warm, it does do me fine.
I would recommend it yes.