Sanskrit By CD set

Sanskrit By CD set

by Vyaas Houston
A full-fledged program for learning Sanskrit by an enthusiastic promoter of Sanskrit.
  • 16 audio CDs and large workbook with 300 pages of material
  • (retail only)

A full-fledged program for learning Sanskrit by an enthusiastic promoter of Sanskrit. Includes the material found in "Introduction to Sanskrit" plus instructions in the simple sandhi, vocabulary, noun and verb forms. Designed according to modern language with oral drills, grammatical explanations, and written exercises. Included in the price are private consultations with the author, by phone or written.

Detail of Features:

Sanskrit By CD I&II
Price: $295.00
Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
Sanskrit By CD I&II

Lessons 1 thru 12, 275 Page Manual, 16 CDs. This complete set includes Part One and Part Two.

  • 12 enjoyable Lessons on 16 CDs.
  • Large, clean type and attractive graphics on 8-1/2" x 11" pages - making Sanskrit study a pleasure.
  • 300 pages of text in a soft 3-ring binder, with color-coded indexes.
  • 22 full-page illustrations of mouth positions, essential for learning proper Sanskrit pronunciation.
  • 70 pages of color-coded diagrams showing the symmetry of the language.
  • Fully referenced to the Sanskrit Atlas so that each grammatical concept can be seen on the relevant map, in its full context.
  • Instructive exercises with answer keys that help you to master the material.
  • Teaches the forms most essential to Sanskrit literature, in order of importance.
  • Telephone and/or written consultation to provide support when you need it.

Ftronm the author:

It has been my goal to provide opportunities to study Sanskrit for anyone who has the desire to learn.

Perhaps my greatest challenge has been to communicate that learning Sanskrit does not require that anyone remember anything. Sanskrit is learned by immersing yourself in its pure and ever blissful vibrations, and seeing (only seeing) and hearing (only hearing) the consistent and symmetrical patterns of its grammatical structure.

In Sanskrit there are many fields in which you can play. Each one is a variation of the other, like variations on a theme in a symphony, following natural laws of scale, harmony, structure and symmetry. The enjoyment of the play, while developing a love for the sounds and their rhythms, as well as their visual representations, is all that's needed to learn the language.

It seems that where people break down consistently, is when they feel they won't be able to remember what they've been exposed to, and therefore if they go any further they will be lost.  The truth is that if they have no concern about remembering, and only enjoy the play, they reach a place where listening and seeing and understanding the natural laws of sound and language begin to fit together and make sense.

Read more on this topic in "The Yoga of Learning Sanskrit"  Devavani

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