Padamalai Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi

Padamalai: Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi

Recorded by Muruganar
edited and translated by David Godman, et. al.
  • 406 pages paperback
Padamalai is a Tamil work that contains almost 2000 teachings by Ramana Maharshi, appearing here for the first time in English. They were recorded by Muruganar, one of Sri Ramana’s foremost disciples.

David Goodman, the editor and co-translator, organized the teachings by subject, not including the more common ones already published in English. In order to clarify Ramana’s teachings, he added editorial explanations, most of them in the words or Ramana himself.

(excerpt) Killing the Mind

Unless the mind is destroyed, it is not possible to attain the fortune of clarity, the life of living in God’s grace.

The means for realising one’s true nature as the Self is to kill off the base mind known as ‘I’.Bhagavan: Atman is realised with the mruta manas [dead mind], that is, mind devoid of thoughts and turned inwards. Then the mind sees its own source and becomes that [the Self]. It is not as the subject perceiving an object.

Know that the one direct path [vichara] that eliminates the despicable pramada [forgetfulness of Self] is the means to destroy the mind.

Unless the force that activates thought is driven deeply within and destroyed, it is impossible to enjoy one’s own experience of Jnana.

By enquiry, you will drive the thought force deeper till it reaches its source and merges therein. It is then that you will have the response from within and find that you rest there, destroying all thoughts, once and for all.
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