Live On Earth CD

Live On Earth CD

sung by Krishna Das
  • 2 volume music CD set
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Krishnadas is probably the top male singer of Indian devotional music in the US. His sound is more traditional, with such instruments as the harmonium, bass, cello, and cymbals. This album is widely regarded as his best album.

12.) Mountain Hare Krishna 

Album Listing:
Radhe Shyam
Samadhi Sitaram
Shri Guru Charanam
Three Rivers
Hare Krishna
Hanuman Puja
Hanuman Chaleesa
Sita Ram
Jaya Bhagavan
Devi Puja
Jaya Jagatambe
Mountain Hare Krishna
Namah Shivaya
Rama Bolo
Shri Krishna Govinda/Gopala
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