Inner Peace in a Busy World

Inner Peace in a Busy World

by Cliff Johnson
  • 51 pages US paperback
  • (retail only)
About the Book

Inner Peace in a Busy World offers preteens and teenagers an entrance into a world that is generally neglected by our educational system. Written in a simple, direct style by a former monk who has practiced meditation for more than forty years, this book offers its readers insights gathered by the author over those years.

Both techniques of meditation as well as important moral principles are covered. The main inspiration for this book came from working with youngsters in his meditation classes at a local boys and girls club. 

Excerpt from the book:
    ... Meditation is learning to create that quiet inner space and, through practice, control the disturbances we all face in the outside world. That is one part of meditation–control. Through practice we learn to control what enters our mind, what we want to keep there, and what we want to release. Later we will learn how to go about this, but for now we have to recognize that the mind under control is the happy mind.
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