The Archival Films of Ramana Maharshi 1935-1950

The Archival Films of Ramana Maharshi: 1935-1950

  • 65 min, color and black & white US DVD, mostly silent
  • (retail only)

A collection of all the known films of the Maharshi, restored, edited and arranged in chronological order.

These films, taken mostly by his devotees, affords us a remarkable opportunity of viewing a fully-enlightened sage who in the 20th century lived like an ancient rishi of yore.

Two of the films were professionally produced by the Indian Information Bureau as newsreels with soundtracks and shown throughout India in cinema houses.

Research Booklet: Included with the purchase price you will receive this thirty-five page Research Booklet, which provides interesting details, dates and identifies individuals seen with the Sage. Printed time-code references will enable you to quickly look up and read about whatever you find especially interesting.


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