Ancient Mother Kali Puja Live II CD

Ancient Mother: Kali Puja Live II CD

music by Krisna Das and friends
  • 65 minutes US audio CD

Kali Puja Live II features an eclectic blend of spiritual chants by some of today's most popular kirtan singers, professionally recorded during Kali Mandir's annual Kali Puja festivals. 

Tracks include:
Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu by Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta; 
He Ma Durga by Jai Uttal;
Mere Mata by Sri Bharat Giri Maharaj;
Gam Ganapataye / Durga Jai Jai Ma by Bhagavan Das;
In Praise of Shiva & Shakti by Sri Haradhan Chakraborti & Sumanta Chakravarti; 
Jay Jagadambe Ma Durga by Krishna Das;
Narayana Suktam by Amarananda Bhairavan;
Jaal Jaino Jeebon Chole by Purna Das Baul; 
and the now famous Jai Ma Arati sung by more than 500 Kali devotees. 
Includes color insert with lyrics, translations and photos


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Ancient Mother: Kali Puja Live II CD 4.0 Eclectic selection By Kenneth Robinson This is quite an eclectic assortment.
PRO: I found each selection to be enjoyable, though some more enjoyable than others. I find Krishna Das' voice to be wonderfully transcendent.
CON: The plastic CD case was badly cracked due to inadequate packaging.
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