Pashmino wool shawl

Pashmina Wool Chaddar

High quality tan/ivory wool shawl.
  • Pashmina Wool Chaddar 7.5 feet X 3.6 feet
    Made in India

  • (retail only)

$55.00 $35.00

Pashmina brand wool chaddars are a very fine brand cashmere wool and are the highest quality we sell.
They are soft and light, a little smaller than our other chaddars..

The color is white/ivory with a touch of brown or grey, depending on how the light hits the fabric.
Pashmina Wool Shawl 7.5 feet X 3.6 feet On Sale: Originally $55.00, now $35.00

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Pashmina Wool Chaddar 5.0 pashmina shawls By George Poggemann excellent!
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