108 Sanskrit Flash Cards/ with CD

108 Sanskrit Flash Cards/ with CD

by Nicolai Bachman, M.A.
  • 108 color flash cards with 60 min. audio CD
  • (retail only)
These flash cards and an audio CD have been designed to teach you how to correctly read, pronounce and alphabetize letters and words in the Devanagari script of Sanskrit. The ability to read the original script is essential for correct pronunciation. 

There are 108 color flashcards and 6 white cards which surround them and contain reference information. 

Card Features  
All cards show the Devanagari on the front and transliteration on the back, including all card numbers. 
Reference cards (white) include an introductory verse, the alphabet, a mouth position diagram, digits 0-9 and Vedic accent marks. 
Professionally printed on color coded recycled card stock cut to 3x4 inches with 2 different sort orders - progressive and alphabetic (for dictionary practice) 
Includes all non-obvious unique ligatures and letter variations Sanskrit example on almost every card.
Position of letters in the alphabet is shown graphically on every card.

CD Features
60-minute Dolby-B stereo recording. 
To promote correct pronunciation, only Sanskrit examples are pronounced. 
All sounds are repeated twice with space for the student to pronounce them. 

PART 1 contains the recitation of the flashcards in progressive (card) order. Each sound is repeated twice followed by a Sanskrit example (shown on the card) repeated twice. 

PART 2 contains the alphabet chant. 
First the alphabet is chanted 3 times in discrete sections with some explanation, each section repeated twice. 
For the remainder of the CD the alphabet is chanted all the way through continuously

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